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BehindLogin is on a mission to Inspire the Next Generation of Digital Experiences, and we firmly believe that it’s ambitious organisations just like yours that will build them. Whether you’re starting-up, scaling-up, or levelling-up at enterprise, we’ll give it everything to help you leap forward.

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Insights Unlocked

BehindLogin does all the legwork to supply you with a timely stream of cutting-edge insights in a fast-moving competitor landscape. Stay up-to-date with hot off the press scoops on;

  • Digital market insights in financial services
  • App proposition / product launches
  • Feature releases and innovations
  • Function performance and metrics
  • Customer sentiment, accessibility and usability.

Risk Reduced

Competition within financial services is fierce. The competitive landscape is fast moving and constantly shifting as organisations look to capture greater market share, increase share of wallet and boost customer retention. Designing products and services at pace that provide exceptional user experiences and mitigate risks of disruption is critical to continued success.

According to data from Exploding Topics, the financial services industry has a churn rate of 25%. Further data from Sifted exploring the annual statements of four top UK FinTech’s shows an average revenue per customer of c. £20.

BehindLogin clients have experienced a reduction in churn, which directly impacts their bottom line.

Confidence Improved

Building and maintaining digital products isn’t cheap. Research from the Product Coalition estimates the average Scrum Team to cost around £20,000 per 2-week sprint. Whether you’re building features that take one sprint or ten sprints, ensuring that teams are building the right things to avoid disruption and capitalise on untapped innovation opportunities is critical to continued success.

Validating product roadmaps and ensuring teams are confident in building the right things can provide a significant return on investment. Our research indicates teams can save an estimated 20% of annual development costs by ensuring that features are fully evaluated against the competitive landscape before go-live. Building the wrong thing can be costly!

Compliance Intact

In 2018 the FCA introduced rules against Personal Account Dealing. The legislation states that “A firm that conducts designated investment business must establish, implement and maintain adequate arrangements aimed at preventing the following activities in the case of any relevant person who is involved in activities that may give rise to a conflict of interest, or who has access to inside information as defined in the Market Abuse Regulation or to other confidential information relating to clients or transactions with or for clients by virtue of an activity carried out by him or her on behalf of the firm.”

BehindLogin sources competitor research through our Global Research Panel who are regular, existing users of the various financial services providers globally. Our services remove the risk of PA Dealing breaches and provide businesses with 100% confidence that competitor research provided through our services will not risk PA Dealing breaches.

Deadlines Met

Often, going from an idea or defined roadmap item to build-ready design takes scrum teams one or two sprints, including time for rounds of user testing and stakeholder feedback to ensure you are “building the thing right”.

By sourcing best-in-class examples of existing solutions that have already solved your design challenges, teams can cut design exploration time.

This means teams can go from idea to designed solution faster, meeting tight deadlines with ease.

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